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There's no shortcut to language learningTo master a language one has to memorize thousands and thousands of words as well as readlisten and speak

That's also the way I do itSince the day I began learning EnglishI started to memorize wordsFirst the ones in the textbooks then what I happened to meet in the newspapers novels and even on the InternetI still remember a classmate of mine gossiped:“Ren Chang is reciting the dictionaryThat's never the caseI would easily get tired memorizing words for some definite purposes such as for examsTo be frankI never finished the dictionary for CET-4I just memorize the words I'd like to Interest plays a very important roleIf you don't like a languageyou won't want to learn it and even if you doyou're objecting it subconsciouslywhich is a hin-drance to deep involvement and inspirationBut if you're fond of it everything seems quite naturalWords get into your memory and stayjust like magic


Reading is also an important part in language learningWe've got an old Chinese sayingIf you read the poems again and againyou will surely be able to sing even though you can't write.”To be familiar with the articles written by natives you can get a hint how they handle the languageand may be able to make use of what you read in your own writingYou may ask what to readFirst your textbooks they're chosen because they're typical and usually formalThen some interesting novels better choose the ones written today than those of the 18th centuryif you're not going to be a linguistNewspapers and magazines are good choices too especially if you are concerned with the news at home and abroad


When it comes to the matter of listeningI highly recommend that you watch English videos of course with the Chinese subtitlesYes here comes one problemyou may gradually shift your attention from the dialogues to the subtitlesBut every coin has two sides right Films provide a circumstance for the dialogues and subtitles help understand the dialoguesWhat's moreit is interesting to watch filmsAnd one more thinglisten to English songs and try to sing themIt will not only improve your English but also enrich your life


Speaking is often considered a great problemOne way to solve it is talking to yourselfDon't care what others think of youI talk to myself when I'm happy and share my sorrow with myselfYou will never laugh at yourselfThen you can go straight out and talk to native speakersTrust methey're better at understandingy our wrong usages than those Chinese who can speak EnglishIf you're still too shytry the voice chat on the net but don't ever expect good voice quality


If you do all these well I'm sure you will do well in the exams if with a little bit luck





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