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  Vocabulary      (20 minutes)

31. The machine looked like a large        ,old-fashioned typewriter.

A) forceful        B) clumsy       C) intense       D) tricky

32. Though she began her          by singing in a local pop group,she is now a famous Hollywood movie star.

A) employment      B) career    C) occupation      D) profession

33. Within two weeks of arrival, all foreigners had to        with the local police.

A) inquire       B) consult      C) register      D) profession

34. Considering your salary, you should be able to           at least twenty dollars a week.

A) put forward      B) put up       C) put out       D) put aside

35. As he has         our pratience  we’ll not wait for him any longer.

A) torn        B) wasted       C) exhausted      D) consumed

36. These teachers try to be objective when they         the integrated ability of their students.

A) justify      B) evaluate    C) indicate      D) reckon

37. Mrs. Morris's daughter is pretty and       ,and many girls envy her.

A) slender      B) light       C) faint      D) minor

38. Tomorrow the mayor is to       a group of Canadian businessmen on a tour of the city.

A) coordinate    B) cooperate     C) accompany      D) associate

39. I'm         enough to know it is going to be a very difficult situation to compete against three strong teams.

A) realistic     B) conscious      C) register     D) resolve

40. Can you give me even the         clue as to where her son might be?

A) simplest     B) slightest    C) least         D) utmost

41. Norman Davis will be remembered by many with         not only as a great scholar but also as a most delightful and faithful friend.

A) kindness     B) friendliness     C) warmth     D) affection

42. Salaries for         positions seem to be higher than for permanent ones.

A) legal       B) optional        C) voluntary      D) temporary

43. Most people agree that the present role of women has already affected U.S. society          it has affected the traditional role of men.

A) Above all      B) In all       C) At most      D) At last

44. Science and technology have        in important ways to the improvement of agricultural production.

A) attached      B) assisted      C)contributed      D)witnessed

45. As an actor he could communicate a whole       of emotions.

A) frame        B) range        C) number       D) scale

46. This is what you should bear in mind: Don't         a salary increase before you actually get it.

A) hang on       B) draw on        C) wait on       D) count on

47. The ship's generator broke down, and the pumps had to be operated         instead of mechanically.

A) artificially   B) automatically  C) manually   D) synthetically

48. The little girl was so frightened that she just wouldn't         her grip on my arm.

A) loosen           B) remove           C) relieve          D) dismiss

49. He never arrives on time and my        is that he feels the meetings are useless.

A) preference        B) conference        C) inference        D) reference

50. Mrs. gmith was so         about everything that no servants could please her.

A)speeific          B) speeial          C)precise          D)particular

51. Last night he saw two dark        enter the building,and then there was the explosion.

A) features       B) figures         C) sketches       D) images

52. It is obvious that this new rule is applicable to everyone without          .

A) exception   B) exclusion   C) modification    D) substitution

53. His temper and personalky show that he can become a soldier of the top         .

A) circle      B) rank      C) category      D) grade

54. During the lecture, the speaker occasionally         his point by relating his own experiences.

A) illustrated      B) hinted     C) cited       D)displayed

55. Only those who can        to lose their money should make high-risk investments.

A) maintain       B) sustairt        C) endure         D)afford

56, He found the        media attention intolerable and decided to go abroad.

A) sufficient       B) constant       C) steady         D) plenty

57. There has been a collision          a number of cars on the main road to town.

A) composing      B) consisting      C) involving      D) engaging

58.         elephants are difthrent from wild elephants in many aspects, including their tempers.

A) Cultivated      B) Regulated      C) Civil       D) Tame

59. Ten days ago the young man info~ed his boss of his intention to          .

A) resign        B) reject       C) retreat      D) replace

60. As one of the world's highest paid models, she had her face     for five million dollars.

A) deposiled        B) assured      C) measured      D) insured

Part IV  Cloze  (15 minutes)

Directions:  There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

Wise buying is a positive way in which you can make your money go further. The    61    go about purchasing an article or a service  can actually    62    you money or can add   63    the cost.

Take the    64    example of a hairdryer. If you are buying a hairdryer, you might    65    you are making the  66   buy if you choose  one    67    look you like and which is also the  cheapest   68   price. But when you get it home you may find that it    69    twice as long as a more expensive   70  to dry your hair. The cost of the electricity plus the cost of your time could  well    71    your hairdryer the most expensive one of all.

So what principles should you    72    when you go out shopping? If you_  73   your home, your car or any valuable    74    in excellent condition, you'll be saving money in the long   75    .

Before you buy a new    76   , talk to someone who owns one.If you can,use it or borrow it to check it suits your particular   77   .

Before you buy an expensive    78   ,or a service,do check the price and   79   is on offer. If possible, choose   80  three items or three estimates.


61. A) form        B) fashion        C) way       D) method

62. A) save        B) preserve       C)in        D)similar

63. A) up          B) to          C) in           D) on

64. A) easy         B) single     C) simple       D)similar

65. A) convince     B) accept      C) examine     D) think

66. A) proper       B) best       C) reasonable       D) most

67. A) its          B) which          C) whose       D) what

68. A) for          B) with           C) in          D) on

69. A) spends       B) takes          C) lasts       D) consumes

70. A) mode         B) copy          C) sample        D)mode

71. A) cause         B) make         C) leave          D) prove

72. A) adopt         B) lay           C) stick          D) adapt

73. A)reserve         B) decorate       C) store         D) keep

74. A) products       B) possession      C) material     D) ownership

75. A) run           B) interval        C) period        D) time

76. A) appliance      B) equipment      C) utility       D) facility

77. A) function       B) purpose        C) goal            D) task

78. A) component     B) element        C) item           D) particle

79. A) what          B) which         C) that            D) this

80. A) of            B) in            C) by             D) from

Part V           Writing            (30 minutes)

Directions:  For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a campaign speech in support of your election to the post of chairman of the student union. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese

A Campaign Speech

1 你认为自己具备是什么条件(能力,性格,爱好)可以胜任学生会主席工作,

2 如果当选你将会为本校同学做什么?



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